(Jinno & Jiga)

Jinno, born in 1966, was one of the pioneers of the Israeli Trance scene. He began to play electronic music at 16, discovering Trance while searching for new sounds. Between 1992 and 1994, he released a few tracks under the name Art Indust before he met Jiga.
Jiga, born in 1975, began her musical journey at 17 as a bass player fo various punk bands. She then got interested in the Trance genre because it displayed the most powerful bass sounds according to her.
Jiga, searching for musical gears, contacted Jinno thanks to a common friend. They shared gears... and life. Their first track was released under the alias of Art Indust featuring Fatima um Sharif, theclassic A Beach Party in Gaza. They then produced a lot of tracks under different names. In 1995, they changed their name in Triponas, with a few tracks on compilations.
It is not until 1999 that they launched their project Analog Pussy. In 2000, they moved in Germany. They played a lot of gigs and released four albums : Psycho Bitch from Hell (1999), MP3 Release 001 (1999), Underground (2001), Vinyl Trax (2002).